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Fashion Exhibition | Los Angeles - FIDM 

Kenzo Kenzo is the ultimate fashion exhibition that shares Kenzo Takada’s story from his seminal and inspirational beginning to cutting edge designs from new fashion directors Leon and Lim.

Design Development

Tiger tunnel is a glass loft tiger structure that provide the unique experience to the visitors to see the fashion in an abstract way.  The 2 D Graphic clothes are inside between the glass and frosted glass that showing the pattern design of Kenzo.  Retina structure inspired by the “Evil Eye” graphic that creating the structure ceiling using mirror material to reflect the atmosphere in the space.  From the plan view, think about using one simple curve to conncet the form language that could help the overall structure more related. Material wise, the stacking could be use form, because it is cheap and light, easy to remove, etc. Then the fram of 2D fabric display can not be digging into the ground, so there would be a stander piece that connect the bottom to support the structure. The tiger claw geometry will be chrome coding (spray paint) out of wood that being hanging from the ceiling. Creating a human outline structure that has 2D graphic pattern on that becoming a tunnel that allow visitors to walk through. changing the direction of the entry then take thoses form and apply to the overall space to make all the parts connected, in order to make the space feel more comfortable that could give more room for the Kenzo products as well.

Concept Sketch

Section / Axon Renderings

Final Renderings

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