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Standing near the edge from top to the foot of the mountain then seeing all the magnificent view of the nature at Palm Spring, which indicated Bentley - the great experience with luxury. Total of 12 boutique rooms, one mountain view bar and one leveled bar located on the water level at both indoor and out door pool located at first floor. Decorated with travertine and Oak wood that offer the best boutique experience. 

Bentley Boutique Hotel | Palm Springs

Concept Diagram

Story Board Sketch

Design Thinking

Start with drawing plan to roughly get a basic sense of normal placement of the guest room then take one step future into perspective drawing with color tone. Then start thinking about the environment of the site, which is located in Palm Spring with a fabulous night market then start to think how the design could fit the local culture. For the find design of the guest room, I put the two curve element more close the the bathroom wall and switched the location between bathroom and bedroom to give the customer more private space for taking a shower instead of expose to the outside. Then from the entry, the right hand wall will be pulling out from the main wall that create a condition and a space for the changing area.



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